Professor Matti Vartiainen
PhD (in psychology), Research Director, general management of the projects.

Research areas: work system innovations, reward systems, competences and knowledge management in projects.

Leisure interests: hiking in nature and cities, jogging, cross-country and downhill skiing, squash and fist-ball; hard-core crime stories, science fiction, fluent listening of music.



Post Doctoral Researcher Marko Hakonen
PhD in Organizational Psychology

Research areas: virtual teams, organizational justice, trust, identifications.

Leisure interests: good food and wine, traveling, sea life, detective stories.

Post Doctoral Researcher Niina Nurmi
PhD in Organizational Psychology

Research areas: well-being and stress, competences, leadership, global work, virtual teams

Leisure interests: music, literature, traveling, Pilates and other sports


Post Doctoral Researcher Satu Koivisto 
D.Sc. (Tech.), M.Soc.Sc. (Social Psychology)

Research areas: leadership, group dynamics, organizational justice, social identity, change, virtual teams, flexible work.

Leisure interests: cross-country skiing and other sports, traveling.


Researcher Teemu Surakka
M.Sc. (Tech.), PhD Student at Aalto

Research areas: emerging technologies, knowledge intensive value creation, knowledge management, value networks

Leisure interests: Orienteering, Online gaming (social strategy games), Renovation / woodwork, Supply Sergeant in local defense troops (Raasepori company)


Johanna Koroma

Doctoral student Johanna Koroma
M.Sc. (Ergonomics)

I have a long experience working in occupational health care and from 2009 to 2012 at the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, Department of Research and Development in Occupational Health Services. My special interests cover the fields of well-being questions in multi-locational and mobile virtual work.

Research areas: Well-being and stress, work environment, global work, mobile work

Leisure interests: Hiking and other sports, literature, handcraft and good food.

Doctoral Student Emma Nordbäck
M.Sc (Tech)

Research areas: Virtual (global) teams, leadership and organisational design for an empowered workforce, technology-mediated communication, group processes, and emergent technologies.

Leisure interests:  running (marathon), cross-country skiing, friends, cultures, traveling, good food, social media, photography

Doctoral Student Eero Palomäki
M.Sc. (Tech)

I am a technology enthusiastic combined with business understanding. My special interests are education, training and information management and future technological solutions such as virtual worlds. You can find an example virtual world training project from:

Research areas: Virtual and mobile work, training

Leisure interests: Helsinki Match Race Sailing, Climbing, Tennis